Measure Your Opportunity Mastery Skills in the Workplace

Take the quiz that will determine your Serendipity Quotient (SQ).
Your results represent your propensity for creating and sustaining opportunities in your work.
1. You take a new job and are ready to quit within three months. You conclude...
  Bad break Good lesson
  Bad decision I’ll do better next time
2. You’re pushing a critical deadline at a job you love and your boss delegates a menial but time-consuming task to you. You...
  Pile it on with rest and hope for the best Accept it on and then delegate it to someone else
  Try to reason your boss out of giving it to you Take a stand and refuse it
3. You’ve just landed a long-sought promotion after five years with a company when an industry competitor offers you a higher position with a significantly higher salary. You...
  Take the money and run Turn the offer down on the principle of loyalty
  Use the offer to build your case for more  
money with your current company
Entertain the offer and see what unfolds
4. To everyone’s surprise, at a year-end party you receive a large monetary award over a more deserving, highly-respected co-worker. You...
  Publicly refuse the bonus and ask that
it be given to your co - worker
Take the bonus and publicly acknowledge
your co-worker’s hard work
  Take the bonus and privately split it with
your co-workers
Do nothing because "you win some, you lose
5. You’ve invested ten years in a company you believe in when it becomes obvious executives are fast-tracking the VP’s dull nephew for a position you’ve earned. You...
  Quietly-but-quickly look for another job Strap on your gloves and take the matter to  
the top
  Verify your observation with co - workers
before doing anything
Continue doing excellent work in hopes
the executives rethink their plan
6. You’re working long hours but earning well into six figures when an old friend asks you to help with the launch of a brilliant new company. Your help will require at least 20 hours a week and produce no immediate income. You...
  Offer to help "as you have time" Say yes and find a way to help
  Keep your income-generating work the
top priority and graciously turn down the
Explain your situation and find someone else
to help in your place
7. You’ve invested fifteen years in a solid career but a great opportunity has come up twice in two weeks. You...
  Invest a month giving due diligence to the
Stay on the path you’ve spent 15 years forging 
  Jump after the opportunity before the
window closes
Try to pursue it while sustaining your
current career
8. Your employer is cutting back and you’re given the option to stay on part-time or cut your losses and move on. You love your company and your job. You...
  Cut your losses and start calling your  
company’s competitors
Build a compelling case for the keeping you
full time
  Stay on part-time and start planning your  
next endeavor
Stay on part-time and look for a good full-time
9. A wealthy relative dies and leaves you $50K. You...
  Throw a close-knit dinner party and ask
for suggestions
Buy something nice and give the rest to your  
favorite charity
  Buy something you’d never buy with your
own money and save/invest the rest
Pay off debt and disperse the rest among
your closest supporters
10. A great opportunity comes your way but the timing is bad and the cost is far more than you can afford. You...
  Curse the circumstances that make it   
impossible to pursue
Weigh the backlash and pursue it if the sacrifice
is not too great
  Throw caution to the wind,borrow the 
money and go for it
Wait to see if fate gives you another nudge
in that direction
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