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What Best-Selling Authors and Academics are Saying About Earning Serendipity:

Whether you're a first time sales rep or a Fortune 500 CEO, Earning Serendipity is sure to make your world a much wealthier, healthier place. How refreshing to read practical business advice that comes straight from the heart. -Keith Ferrazi, Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author, Never Eat Alone

Earning Serendipity offers a fascinating set of ideas and tools you can use to create meaningful, sustainable change in your work and in the rest of your life.
-Dr. Stewart Friedman, Professor at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and USA Today Best Selling Author, Total Leadership

Its no coincidence you picked up Earning Serendipity by Glenn Llopis. Its philosophical approach to business is fresh and interesting, with a touch of elder wisdom. Take my advice and read this book.
-Ken Blanchard, NY Times Best-Selling Author, The One Minute Manager and The One Minute Entrepreneur

"The most courageous journey that I know is the journey within. Start there and realize how Earning Serendipity will be your road map for extraordinary outcomes in your life and the lives of others."
-Vince Poscente New York Times Bestselling Author, The Age of Speed

"In our challenging and uncertain times, Glenn Llopis presents clear and positive lessons for a new form of enlightened businessone that addresses both the professional and civic responsibilities of his audience."
-Adlai Wertman, professor of clinical management and organization, founding director of the Society and Business Lab, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

"Earning Serendipity took me on a ride through a world I had never fully considered before. Llopis is absolutely right; there is more happening around us than we realize, and good fortune is there for the taking."
-Steve Farber, author of The Radical Leap

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For some people, success seems fated or shrouded in mystery. But in Earning Serendipity, Glenn Llopis will show you that most positive changes in fortune—in careers or in corporate ventures—are no mystery at all.

We all have control over the path to prosperity. Progression along that path is the result of a rare combination of skills that you can develop and apply in your career, business, and life. These four skills are

  • Seeing with circular vision:
  • Broaden your observation beyond what you seek and beyond the obvious details before you, and enlarge your field of opportunities; search within conversations and adverse circumstances for possibilities.
  • Sowing entrepreneurial seeds:
  • When good vision is met with consistent, hand-dirtying execution every day, the result is a stable, growing fortune; focus on proper timing and proper depth.
  • Growing seeds with the greatest potential:
  • Learn how to recognize the most promising opportunities and give them the right amount of attention; don’t let the best opportunities wilt and don’t waste energy on opportunities with limited potential.
  • Sharing the harvest:
  • Focus on meeting others’ needs to improve personal good fortune; make generosity part of your purpose, an integral part of the DNA of your career or company.

    Those who master this quartet - tap into a power most never reach: the power to create and sustain a momentum of good fortune. This ability to earn serendipity can elevate your career or company quicker than any single force. And with the skills outlined in this book, you will be catapulted onto the path of prosperity.

    The Methodology: The Earning Serendipity Methodology ™ teaches a unique combination of entrepreneurial skills that yield a progressive workplace brimming with innovation and and initiative.

    Progressive Workplace Environment Strategy by Glenn Llopis
      (click on the chapter to read an excerpt)
    Section I: The Foundation
      Chapter 0: Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune
    Section II : The Four Leaves
      Chapter 1: Broadened Observation: Seeing with Circular Vision
      Chapter 2: Extensive Innovation: Sowing Entrepreneurial Seeds
      Chapter 3: Strategic Focus: Growing the Seeds of Greatest Potential
      Chapter 4: Generous Purpose: Sharing the Harvest
    [Did you notice that Chapter's 5 & 6 are missing? Only you have the power to understand why?]
    Section III : The Harvest
      Chapter 7: Leaping Ahead

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