The Serendipiter’s Quiz                Do You Trust Your Brand?
The following quiz is designed to help those with SQs (Serendipity Quotient, from The Workplace Serendipity Quiz) of 26 or higher determine whether their efforts to move to the next level of earning serendipity are hindered by core beliefs about success, failure, and good fortune.   We call this score your ASQ (Advanced Serendipity Quotient)
1. Do you believe in chance?
  Not at all Doesn't matter
  Somewhat Definitely
2. Can you control whether you are a fortunate or unfortunate person?
  Not at all Not sure
  Somewhat Definitely
3. How much do others influence your life experience?
  Not at all Very little
  That depends A lot
4. How much does your past affect your present?
  Not at all Very little
  That depends A lot
5. Do you believe you are meant for a certain life?
  Not at all Not Sure
  Somewhat Yes
6. Do you believe in fortunate accidents?
  Not at all Somewhat
  That depends Yes
7. Do certain missed opportunities come back to you?
  No Rarely
  Sometimes Often
8. Do good things come to those who wait?
  Never Rarely
  Usually Always
9. Can failure and misfortune be good?
  Never Rarely
  Sometimes Always
10. Are lucky people successful?
  Not at all Rarely
  Sometimes Yes
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